Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monster Ville

On the holidays me and my mum decided to have a Pajama Day.
We were allowed to do what every we wanted (no chores)  however we had
to wear PJ's !

My mum spent her day quilting, while I created Monster Ville and
entertained Noddy..

After cleaning up a little, Monster Ville actually looked like a town...

The citizens of Monster Ville are above.......

Now we get up close with a Monster Family....

Top row: (Left) Mummy Monster, (Right) Daddy Monster               
Middle row: Teenage Monster, Child Monster                                   
Bottom row: Toddler Monster, Toddler Monster, Baby Monster 

After creating Monster Ville, I decided to entertain
Noddy with his toy mouse..

That was one fun day, I hope we do that again next school holidays...

Prepare to be amazed.........


Oh, and with the help of my mum,
 I made a little bag for my school runners!


  1. I love Monster Ville! I used to love playing with my lego and matchbox cars during my school holidays when I was your age and I used to create my own little towns! Love the bag you made with your Mum too! I think your school friends will be jealous! very cool choice of fabric!

  2. Well done Catgirl !!! More postings with more adventures !Mum....