Saturday, April 23, 2011

My holiday!

On the 8th of April, this year, I travelld to South Africa
to visit my three cousins. We did so many exciting things
that this page might just overload, so I have choosen
only a few things to tell you about.

While I was there I built quite a few houses...

But I wasn't the only one building...

They built the Taj Mahl! Out of Lego!

In fact, they have so much lego that nobody
could count it, EVER!

I personally think they get the creativity from the
house itself.

Upside down statue..

Lots of small Statues!!

Anyway, later on that week we went horse riding!!
It was a great experence!!  Yee Haaaaar

My last experience, and prabably my favorite, was visiting
the Elephant Sanctuary. We fed the Elephants, got
a kiss from the Elephants, watched them do tricks, walk 
the Elephats and ride the Elephants... 

Sorry, I couldn't switch the view!!!

I had a wonderful time in South Africa and I
Hope to be back there soon.....

When we came home Emily and Noddy where
so happy to see me; you should have seen their faces...

Friday, April 1, 2011

Where Noddy?

These past few weeks I have been observing Noddy very closely,
because every time I turn my back he's GONE!

For example; one day I was patting Noddy on top of the table
when I noticed that the lounge door was left open.
So I closed it, then I turned around and he was GONE!
I searched high and low untill I found him, resting in a corner...
I went outside and told my friends the place he had
hidden, we came back together and he was not there! 
Finally of one of my friends found that little Noddy,
on top of the microwave!
Another occasion I saw that Noddy hidding
between two quilts!!
See that little face? In the top middle, thats Noddy!!!
I was getting good at Noddy's hidding places, when one day....
He was on top of my curtain!, it was so so hard to get him down.
I knew this wouldn't be the end but after all this trouble,
 I just had to dress him up and treat him like a lady. 
I figured after his lazy work of sleeping all day, he would probably
 want to get to sleep, so I took his scarf off, gave him a pat
 and he surely went to sleep..

He plays so innocently..