Thursday, December 29, 2011

Annoying Orange and Hilarious G and L videos!

Do you have those moments where you just feel like
laughing at gruesome things? Well, most people don't!
But I do!!!

Watch an episode from the Annoying Orange series
a couple of times, and you will soon warm up to it...

Now, I will introduce you to a new blog: Hillarious G and L videos!

As you can see by the name, it specialises in hillarious videos caught
at embarrasing moments! They havent posted any videos yet,
but will be posting soon! 

 Visit their blog:

Friday, September 30, 2011

Book Review, A book Mark and a story or two


Let us start with the Book Review and Book Mark....

This book is called Deadly, it is written by Morris Gleitzman
& Paul Jennings.

The book is about two completly different children, whose lives
cross. Amy and Sprocket. Amy has a Mum and a Dad that are very
secretive. Until one day a baby turns up on the door step; Amy then
goes out on a adventure to find her mother and father who misteriously
went missing. Sprocket, however, on the other hand doesn't know who
he is, untill he stumbles upon a nudiest colony. Even then
he is not sure. Sprocket and Amy meet and it is a race against time to
figure out who they are and where the parents have gone.....

Sprocket's lost his memory.
Amy's lost her dad. So now
the two of them are on a quest
that will take them to the weirdest
nudist colony in the world.
Uncovering deadly secret after dealy
secret, Amy and Sprocket are lured deeper into
a myster that gets more exciting with every turn
of the page....

You could die Laughing!

The bookmark beside the book, was made for my teacher's birthday.
I made it with my mum's help, from her patchwork scraps.

Fabric scraps

Now for the Stories

The Skirt

One day I was dressing up Emily when she retorted:

So I quickly looked through her wardrobe and found
something good....A skirt!!

Emily's Best side..

I dressed her up, with no complaints and things were
peachy perfect...So that's the End of the fairly short
tail,but more is still to come...

Noddy's love

I peaked through the bedroom door and what did I see?
A little boy cat talking to his girl...

When along came a mean teddy bear!!!!
He shouted at poor Noddy, but no fear I am here.
I assisted my brother and told him what to do,
"Push him away from you!!"
He followered my instructions and everything was fine..

Noddy sure is happy, she's alright...

So, they went to sleep with no fuss in the world...


Look at his tall, its so cute, doesn't that shape remind you a bit...

.....Of a heart....
Little Noddy, still spends time with her, Miss Moo.
If you saw him now, he would still be there....

Well bye, from Emily, Noddy and Me.....

Friday, September 9, 2011

Two Short Stories & Something Extra

It all started with the lump in the bed...

So I lifted it up and what did I see..

Little Noddy staring back at me....

So I matched his gaze and what animal
did I see?

Little Emily staring back at me...

So I waved a ball, and what did I see?
Little Emily run towards me....

I gave the ball to Emily, but had to take
it back, since Little Emily decided to chew
off the back. 

Noddy, loves his hat even more than a mat... 

But Emily, she wants that hat, poor little mat...
So Emily, she thinks of a way to win that hat...

She thought, and knows how to win that hat..

She stands up tall and begins to laugh,
"Oh Noddy you look silly with that hat!
Give it to me and your silllyness will be free!"

So he tosses it over and Emily is free from the annoyance
that she suffered and becomes as smart as she can be...

Emily and Noddy are the cheekiest pets
that are ever to be, are yours as cheeky
as they can be?

This game is called "CatGirl Cloud Walking"

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Monster Ville

On the holidays me and my mum decided to have a Pajama Day.
We were allowed to do what every we wanted (no chores)  however we had
to wear PJ's !

My mum spent her day quilting, while I created Monster Ville and
entertained Noddy..

After cleaning up a little, Monster Ville actually looked like a town...

The citizens of Monster Ville are above.......

Now we get up close with a Monster Family....

Top row: (Left) Mummy Monster, (Right) Daddy Monster               
Middle row: Teenage Monster, Child Monster                                   
Bottom row: Toddler Monster, Toddler Monster, Baby Monster 

After creating Monster Ville, I decided to entertain
Noddy with his toy mouse..

That was one fun day, I hope we do that again next school holidays...

Prepare to be amazed.........


Oh, and with the help of my mum,
 I made a little bag for my school runners!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Lego Time!!

These past few weeks have been very busy for me.
First homework,second music activities and third,pets, however I have been
able to build a Harry Potter castle out of Lego....

Harry Potter Lego!!

Hermione Granger       Harry Potter

Minerva  McGonagall                 Albus Dumbledore


Lord Voldemort                          Severus Snape

Fillius Filtwick (invisible cloack)

Argus Filch and his cat

There are many things to do at Hogwarts, lovely food and lovely wizards.

Emily never took her eyes of Harry Potter

Noddy is taking a liking to Minerva McGonagall


Saturday, April 23, 2011

My holiday!

On the 8th of April, this year, I travelld to South Africa
to visit my three cousins. We did so many exciting things
that this page might just overload, so I have choosen
only a few things to tell you about.

While I was there I built quite a few houses...

But I wasn't the only one building...

They built the Taj Mahl! Out of Lego!

In fact, they have so much lego that nobody
could count it, EVER!

I personally think they get the creativity from the
house itself.

Upside down statue..

Lots of small Statues!!

Anyway, later on that week we went horse riding!!
It was a great experence!!  Yee Haaaaar

My last experience, and prabably my favorite, was visiting
the Elephant Sanctuary. We fed the Elephants, got
a kiss from the Elephants, watched them do tricks, walk 
the Elephats and ride the Elephants... 

Sorry, I couldn't switch the view!!!

I had a wonderful time in South Africa and I
Hope to be back there soon.....

When we came home Emily and Noddy where
so happy to see me; you should have seen their faces...