Friday, September 30, 2011

Book Review, A book Mark and a story or two


Let us start with the Book Review and Book Mark....

This book is called Deadly, it is written by Morris Gleitzman
& Paul Jennings.

The book is about two completly different children, whose lives
cross. Amy and Sprocket. Amy has a Mum and a Dad that are very
secretive. Until one day a baby turns up on the door step; Amy then
goes out on a adventure to find her mother and father who misteriously
went missing. Sprocket, however, on the other hand doesn't know who
he is, untill he stumbles upon a nudiest colony. Even then
he is not sure. Sprocket and Amy meet and it is a race against time to
figure out who they are and where the parents have gone.....

Sprocket's lost his memory.
Amy's lost her dad. So now
the two of them are on a quest
that will take them to the weirdest
nudist colony in the world.
Uncovering deadly secret after dealy
secret, Amy and Sprocket are lured deeper into
a myster that gets more exciting with every turn
of the page....

You could die Laughing!

The bookmark beside the book, was made for my teacher's birthday.
I made it with my mum's help, from her patchwork scraps.

Fabric scraps

Now for the Stories

The Skirt

One day I was dressing up Emily when she retorted:

So I quickly looked through her wardrobe and found
something good....A skirt!!

Emily's Best side..

I dressed her up, with no complaints and things were
peachy perfect...So that's the End of the fairly short
tail,but more is still to come...

Noddy's love

I peaked through the bedroom door and what did I see?
A little boy cat talking to his girl...

When along came a mean teddy bear!!!!
He shouted at poor Noddy, but no fear I am here.
I assisted my brother and told him what to do,
"Push him away from you!!"
He followered my instructions and everything was fine..

Noddy sure is happy, she's alright...

So, they went to sleep with no fuss in the world...


Look at his tall, its so cute, doesn't that shape remind you a bit...

.....Of a heart....
Little Noddy, still spends time with her, Miss Moo.
If you saw him now, he would still be there....

Well bye, from Emily, Noddy and Me.....

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  1. Looks like a great book - my boys used to enjoy reading Morris Gleitzman books too - but then they grew up and they stopped reading - how silly boys are!!! Love your stories about Noddy and Emily. Great work with the photos!