Saturday, April 23, 2011

My holiday!

On the 8th of April, this year, I travelld to South Africa
to visit my three cousins. We did so many exciting things
that this page might just overload, so I have choosen
only a few things to tell you about.

While I was there I built quite a few houses...

But I wasn't the only one building...

They built the Taj Mahl! Out of Lego!

In fact, they have so much lego that nobody
could count it, EVER!

I personally think they get the creativity from the
house itself.

Upside down statue..

Lots of small Statues!!

Anyway, later on that week we went horse riding!!
It was a great experence!!  Yee Haaaaar

My last experience, and prabably my favorite, was visiting
the Elephant Sanctuary. We fed the Elephants, got
a kiss from the Elephants, watched them do tricks, walk 
the Elephats and ride the Elephants... 

Sorry, I couldn't switch the view!!!

I had a wonderful time in South Africa and I
Hope to be back there soon.....

When we came home Emily and Noddy where
so happy to see me; you should have seen their faces...

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  1. Wow! I figured you would have lots of exciting things to post about when you came home and I wasn't disappointed! Great house building and the lego was fabulous! Love the statues but my favourite is the elephant! I think that would have been my favourite part too! Welcome home and give Noddy and Emily a cuddle each from me!