Friday, March 11, 2011

Bath Time

Emily, why did you have to roll in the wet grass? 
Now I will have to give you a...   BATH

This is Emily after she rolled in the wet grass..

As you know Emily was dirty and she desperately needed
a bath, so I fetched some doggy shampoo and an old towel.
I took Emily to the garage and popped her in the laundry

I scrubbed the dirt off her...

I then washed her down. She didn't mind her
bath, so I guess I can wash her more often.

Does your pets like being washed?


  1. my goodness! Emily was vry well behaved about having a bath - my dogs hate them and try very hard to crawl up my arm to get away from the water and there is no way I could stand back to take a photo - well done Cat Girl and well done Emily!

  2. She looks quite calm in the bath.