Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chess and a Gift

 I have been attending, a chess tournament
 in Victoria, Australia. It ends this Sunday.
There were 11 rounds of Lightning chess (Fast chess),
Problem Solving and then 11 rounds of normal chess.

I got a T-shirt, because I signed up early.

The back of the T-shirt has all the names
of the competitors, who signed up early and are participating
in the championship.
And now a BIG thank you to one of the followers of my blog
 Jan Maree

for the generous gift I received in the mail today.

Its a set of paper dolls designed by Mary Engelbreit.

They are really pretty.
There is also a  calendar, which allows me to dress
paper dolls  and then stick them on the

 And some extra dolls to play.

Each doll has many outfits.

                   Even Noddy loves my gift !

Thanks Jan Maree!!

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  1. So glad the paper dolls found a good home - have fun!