Saturday, January 29, 2011

Trophy and Emily

Last week I attended a Chess competition
and this week I received a trophy,
for Lightning Chess (fast Chess)...


On Saturday I went to the RSPCA
and fell in love with a jack russell terrier dog  named
" Emily".  We all loved her so much that we
adopted her. But she only comes home on Tuesday because
she needs to be desexed, have her teeth clean and her nails
We have purchased her lots of toys, comfy beds and treats...
Can't wait !!!

Do you think she's cute?

I hope Noddy doesn't mind....

More about Emily and Noddy next time!!!!

Woof Woof Meow Meow...


  1. Congratulations Catgirl! Both on your trophy for Chess and Emily! She must be very excited about coming to live with you! I love dogs. My sister's children had two Jack Russells called Jarrah and Karri and they were lovely! Noddy might be a bit jealous when Emily comes home but I am sure she will settle down soon enough. Have fun with them.

  2. Thanks Cherry Red Quilter

    I hope Noddy isn't too Jealous...